Real Barrier Extreme Cream

Real Barrier Extreme Cream, a formula upgrade to meet the requirement of additional hydration for extra-dry skin. For those who require serious skin care.
With the addition of a newly patented ceramide ,Omega-Ceramide-16, Extreme Cream now has triple hydration, and increases the moisture level of the skin on the surface and from within. Also, along with Hyaluronic Acid, has been proven to provide 72 hours of continuous moisturization.
As an added plus, this updated formula had the levels of known allergen substances reduced or actually removed, making this product ideal for sensitive skin. It also does NOT contain parabens, Mineral Oil or artificial fragrances.
As with the original formula, this product is infused with skin calming and soothing ingredients, Panthenol, Allantoin and Madecassoside.
All of these speciality ingredients aid in the replenishment of lost natural skin lipids to help support the skins’ protective barrier.
It also helps protect against the stresses of the environment.