Derma B Urea 9.8% Foot Cream

Relieve and repair cracked and rough feet with the Derma: B 9.8% Urea Foot Cream, a powerful treatment cream which helps to restore feet for Sandal-ready occasions and best choice for the diabetic patient to prevent the diabetic foot.

  1. 9.8% Urea  Derma B Foot Cream 9.8 % Foot Cream…as the name implies contains 9.8% of Urea and was formulated specifically for use on the feet.
  2. MLE Moisturizing Science Fortified with MLE Moisturizing Science which helps to quickly hydrate skin.
  3. Shea and Coconut Butter Shea and Coconut Butter which help provide moisture and softness. Urea, 9.8%, is a known natural moisturising factor which can actually soften the skin of the feet.
  4. Camelia, Cypress, Lemon Peel oils Act as natural exfoliators to help keep the skin looking healthy, feeling soft and as an added plus, the exfoliation makes the skin more receptive to the moisturising benefits of the Foot Cream.
  5. FREE FROM HARMFUL ADDITIVES What it doesn’t contain, are those ingredients and additives known to cause irritation. So…no parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, dyes and ethanol.