A rich, concentrated eye and lip anti-aging cream. Specifically developed to nourish the outer layer of the skin, which is the first to show signs of aging.
Glides on smoothly and is quickly absorbed to provide the skin around the eye and lip areas with abundant moisture. Helps fine lines look less obvious and skin appear smoother.

Total anti-aging cream for your eye and mouth zone with thin skin barriers

It is an anti-aging cream which first works on the skin surface where the aging starts and then penetrates deep into the skin, layer by layer, not only fundamentally moisturizing the entire skin but also strengthening the foundation of eye and mouth zones, providing special care for better and brighter skin tone and potential wrinkles.Effective moisturizing and skin elasticity enhancement by the rich and tightly adhering texture
It is a highly-enriched cream containing peptide, which supports skin elasticity, and LMW hyaluronic acid which has an excellent absorbing power. Apply it onto any areas that are concerning to you and gently pat it with your fingertips. First, you will feel ample moisture, and then it will become fully absorbed into the skin, leaving behind a silky and elastic feel to it.MLE®Skin Barrier Formula creating a Maltase Cross structure inside healthy skin
MLE®Skin Barrier Formula with patented ceramide complex provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect and skin barrier strengthening function.Soothing and Protection by 3-Calming Complex
3-Calming Complex containing panthenol, madecassoside, and allantoin immediately soothes and protects irritated skin.Completed test that has proven it does not irritate skin

Free of 10 additives harmful to skin